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Don’t you guys find it odd that Ed recently tell an interviewer he’s fav. song right now is “Take me to Church” by Hozier and then proceeded to do a cover on the BBCR1 live lounge…..when we all know a few weeks back Taylor tweeted about liking Hozier & how she says his other song is amazing. I mean seriously tho ?? i dont know if Taylor & Ed simply happen to coincidently like the same singer at right around the same time or did Ed went to check him out after taylor tweeted that . Either ways……………sweeran feels you guys !!!! ;) Like even when they are not together, there are things they do that seems to somehow connect to each other . They like the same things…




Katy can’t stop throwing shade

Can someone explain to me what she meant by that tweet?

She’s basically saying that Katy will be nice to Taylor if Taylor (according to Katy) (transparency definition:The inability to see through an object or entity due to the natural tendency of that entity to conceal documents and records, create distractions, distort facts, make excuses, lie, harass, intimidate, and fake illness.) Be honest and not cover up and supposedly lie. So Katy is saying if Taylor admits to being at fault she’ll be nice (or at least act nice) 

Just remember Taylor hasn’t said one thing about Katy since the Rolling Stone article. Katy has subtweeted her now multiple times. Taylor will let the music do the talking and Katy can just keep on hating

Katy can go suck it. When bad blood comes out… her reputation is finished … haha *evil laugh*

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