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Dear Ed, 

Why are you soooo BLIND to Taylor’s love ?? Ugghh ! its super frustrating …

But maybe .. he’s not blind… he’s just waiting for the right time, the right moment… ? Like i refuse to believe he doesn’t think that Tay’s perfect for him…because he knows how much they have a lot of things in common & they clicked very well… .. & the fact that literally every guy wants to date her ok , would put him in that stud position !!  And even with Athina’s latest instagram photo… i dont feel like he’s in love with her tbh. He’s looking down…… she’s hugging him, but he’s not exactly hugging her back the same way….WHy tho ?!  Why are you shy to admit that she’s your gf ? ……..because you are not really in love with her thats why !!!!… This whole thing kind of remind me of that time when he’s with claire. Claire was hugging him almost all the time… but he wasn’t really into her. And if he’s really in love with Athina…why did he write the song I’m a Mess ??   


Anonymous asked:

My dad knows someone from BMG and they said Taylor's album starts with an S and its a very significant S. Maybe its Swift? and maybe the IheartRadio could be the album cover/photoshoot.






I was thinking recently it starts with S. I hope it’s more original than just ‘Swift’ to be honest. Maybe like ‘Sea’ something I don’t know

well she really likes starbucks

Omg what if its sweeran….. xD

omg omg omg

Guys let’s be real. It’s going to be called Speak Now 2

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